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A note to all of our supporters: We are currently working with Twitter to get a fraudulent account deleted. Be advised that @CresswellDove is not an authorized account and is not representing Dove or her interests.

Thank you to everyone who notified us of this account and for keeping an eye out for Dove, it is appreciated.

It is every animal lover’s worst nightmare.

​On Tuesday, May 24, 2016, dedicated animal professional, Dove Cresswell was called back to her home to find that a fire had broken out and the home was filled with smoke.

Everyone on scene did everything they possibly could, however sadly seven dogs: Riot, Flash, Harry, Bizzy, Dash, Enzo and Riley and 2 cats: George and Moshi had succumbed to smoke inhalation.  Gratefully, two survived: one dog: Lola and one cat: Intrigue.

Three of these dogs and the cats belonged to Dove and she was looking after the others.

We would like to thank the amazing Burnaby Fire Department and the wonderful vet Dr Claudia Richter who attended the scene and tried to revive them.

This is what Dove posted on her Facebook page:

“Seven dogs: Riot, Flash, Harry, Bizzy, Dash, Enzo and Riley. And 2 cats: George and Moshi. All dogs were hiked (except Riley who hung out at the office) and were responsibly separated and some crated for safety as usual.

1 hr 38 min was how long no one was home. Jared and I ran in and out bringing them out until the firemen stopped us. He stayed in hospital overnight. Firemen, and the wonderful vet Dr Claudia Richter who attended the scene tried to revive them.

I held and cuddled every one and told them I loved them and refused to leave AMA until they were all taken care of by her. Thank you forever.

My heart and world are completely shattered by this. Shattered.”

– Dove Cresswell

To make matters worse, two days later Dove returned to find she was a victim of robbery.

Someone had broken into the home and stole items including a SIM card and hard drives which held photos of her beloved pets.

Immediately after the news of this tragic incident broke, an outpouring of support for Dove and the owners of the pets started.

That is when the official fund to support Dove and the others who lost their beloved pets began.

All funds raised will cover vet bills, out of pocket insurance costs and other daily expenses while they get back on their feet.

Any additional funds not used will be donated to the Burnaby Fire Department as per Dove’s request.

For those of you who do not know Dove, you cannot find a person who is more loving and dedicated to animals than Dove Cresswell.

She is a professional dog trainer who has fostered over 75 rescue dogs in the last nine years.  Her wonderful heart has touched so many in the dog community over the years.

From being our trainer, our dog walker, offering professional dog boarding in her home, and even making some of our dogs TV and movie stars to creating wholesome raw pet foods – Dove’s life is focused on all of our loved pets.

And the dogs truly love her back as demonstrated when she enters the room and “her” dogs go crazy with excitement.  We love you Dove!

This is the official donation page for this fund.

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